Who I work with

Counseling for Adults, Couples and Teens, and Parents in the San Francisco Bay Area
Adult Counseling

Couples Counseling

Teens, Parent & Family Counseling

Counseling for Employees & Entrepreneurs in the technology industry

Immigrant & Multi-generational Family Counseling

Counseling for Adults who are:

If you're struggling with any of the above, counseling can help you solve your problems and develop a more vibrant and meaningful life.

You can boost your self-confidence, alleviate your fears, and sleep better at night. I can support you to feel more energized and more optimistic about your future.

Couples Therapy for Couples who are:

Couples therapy can help heal your pain and resolve conflict. 

You can develop skills to communicate more effectively, so you listen to each other better and resolve conflict effectively. 

I can help you develop a closer bond and reaffirm your commitment to each other.

Teen, Parent & Family Counseling
for parents concerned about an adolescent child who is:

Counseling can help your teenager improve their feelings of self-worth. Your child can be happier and resolve any behavior problems.

I can help you create more harmony within your family and help you feel closer to each other.

You'll sleep better knowing your teen and family is functioning better.

Employees, Entrepreneurs, & Business Partners
in the technology  industry who are:

Counseling can help combat job stress and ease your fears and worries.

You can gain ways to cope with difficult co-workers or bosses. 

I can also help you resolve differences with business partners.

You can better manage concerns about balancing work and family life.

Immigrant & Multi-generational Families who are:

Family counseling can help you deal with the complicated issues inherent in multi-generational families.

Counseling can help members hear each other's concerns in a safe place and find solutions together.

You can find ways to live together more peacefully while creating and maintaining more positive relationships within the family.

If you're ready to reduce stress, be more energized and feel better about your life, contact me@jyotinadhani.com or 650.761.3137.