Jyoti Nadhani

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

My Story: Becoming a Therapist

I’m an empathic person who grew up with an older brother who had cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder.  

Since childhood, I've been able to support my friends, immediate family members, as well as my large extended family consisting of 50 members.

Friends and family have always come to me when they've had problems because they found me to be caring and supportive.
I too have experienced struggles in my life. In particular, the stress inherent in moving and adapting to a new country and running a business with a busy family.

For all of the above reasons, and due to my interest in the human mind, I decided to study counseling. I'm happy to be a healer who can help my clients overcome stress and pain.

It's rewarding to support them to maintain healthy relationships and live happily. 

Professional Background

I started my career in business after receiving a MBA and then co-founding a software company in 2004, which was eventually acquired.

I then began my career in counseling. Since completing my Masters Degree in Counseling, I  have worked with adults, couples, children, adolescents and their families in organizations, and now in my private practice.

Key Strengths

I'm warm, honest, and empathic. With my calm presence, I provide a non-judgemental space to collaborate with you in overcoming your problems so you can create a more fulfilling life.

My clients appreciate my gentle approach, my ability to understand their struggle and pain, and my capacity to be present with them on a deep level.

I have a great understanding of the challenges of immigration and family dynamics, including multicultural and multigenerational families.  
I am flexible in my approach and use a range of therapy tools to meet your needs in the best possible way.

I understand how to cope with the stresses of marriage and family life, as well as the demands of being a tech entrepreneur.

I speak and write in English and Hindi.

Counseling Training

Masters Degree in Counseling (Marriage Family and Child Emphasis)

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy - an approach to help couples strengthen their bond and connect with their emotions. This then helps them solve their problems

MAPS MDMA Therapy Training - Clinical training program that facilitates learning in the theory, skills, and practice of MDMA-assisted Psychedelic Psychotherapy.

Family Systems Theory - looks at problems with individuals within the context of their family unit and social environment

Certified in TEAM-CBT - a framework for assessing your problems, building rapport with you, establishing your goals, and then implementing the appropriate treatment methods 

Gestalt Therapy - a relationship focused approach to psychotherapy that helps you focus on the present moment and understand what is happening in your life right now, rather than what you may perceive to be happening based on your past experiences.

Related Interests

My philosophy is that all aspects of healing - emotional, physical, and spiritual - are needed to overcome your struggles and have a better life.

For this reason, I'm a certified yoga teacher and a practitioner of mindfulness meditation. These are two ancient practices that are known for calming the mind, reducing stress, and improving focus and concentration.

I also have an interest in Nutritional Psychology which looks at the science of how nutrients affect mood and behavior. A healthy nutrition regime, combined with psychotherapy can do wonders for your mental health.

Personal Life

In my personal life, I seek out joy and wonder in nature, hike often, meditate regularly, practice yoga and cook.

I am happily married with 2 delightful boys.

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Jyoti Nadhani

If you're ready to reduce stress, be more energized and feel better about your life, contact me@jyotinadhani.com or 650.761.3137.

Please contact me for your first (free) 30-minute consultation where you can tell me your problems and ask me any questions you have. I'll also explain how I can help you.

If we decide to work together, you can book an appointment via video conference.